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"Dieser Film ist eine spannende, 92 minütige Reise um die Welt, die in überwältigenden Bildern die vielschichtigen, machtvollen Beziehungen zwischen Menschen und Objekten und den damit verbundenen Glauben erkundet."

Dr. Rüdiger Dahlke - Bestsellerautor


Und das sagt der Regisseur Roger Manley im Interview bei


"Mana - die Macht der Dinge gelingt der Spagat zwischen religiöser und profaner Welt, zwischen alten Kulturen und neuesten Trends. Das zeichnet zugleich den feinen Humor des Films aus, lässt uns lächeln über die fanatischen Fans und Verehrer.."


"Was die Filmemacher Peter Friedman und Roger Manley in ihrer Dokumentation "Mana - die Macht der Dinge" versammelt haben, ist schlicht faszinierend...eindringlich und bildgewaltig. It's magic!"

Hamburger Abendlblatt


"...schon die Methode der Umsetzung ist besonders"

Coburger Tagblatt


"Es ist eine Reise um die ganze Welt, von der lehmbedeckten Hütte eines indianischen Medizinmannes bis in die Unendlichkeit des Weltraums."



"Kerngedanke des Films ist es, einmal aufzuzeigen, wie sich Menschen in Gegenwart dieser magischen Gegenstände verhalten und was die Grundlage

dieses universellen Verhaltens ist: Der Glaube."
Wellnesser 04.07

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"Bewertung: Überzeugend!"



"Für am Thema Interessierte eine gut fotografierte Fundgrube. Faszinierend!"

TV Movie


"Der Film operiert hauptsächlich mit Bild und Klang, die verbalen Kommentare sind auf ein Minimum reduziert,und das ist das grösste Mana des Films..."
Matrix 2000


"...ein Film, der das Zeug hat, Kultstatus zu erlangen..."
News Age 01/07

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" stark wie rivers&tides, ein Phänomen!

Ein Weckruf, den man lange nicht mehr loswerden wird..."

San Francisco Docfest




International Reviews


"...the film simply unfurls with sly zenlike calm and absolutely astonishing cinematography. It'll give you a buzz you won't shake for a long time."

SF Documentary Film Festival, San Francisco



"If I could choose to send one movie into space, this movie would get my vote. The cinematography in this documentary is stunning; every frame could be placed in an art book. If I had to complain about anything, it would be that I would have loved the film to be even longer!"

Zen bones



"Eschewing any overall explanation or even scene-by-scene indications of where sequence is taking place, pic thankfully avoids the informational overkill that sinks, for instance, similar globe-hopping IMAX adventures."




"MANA - beyond belief is, in many ways, a unique accomplishment in the art of documentary filmmaking. By forgoing a typical narrative style, MANA has put the "document" back in documentary, taking a step back and simply capturing events on film and letting them speak for themselves. The result is a visually stunning presentation that truly captivates the audience."

thegateway, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada



"MANA - beyond belief offers something more than bite-sized epiphanies, and is often startlingly beautiful. Even if it is too brief to do more than touch on some very, very big questions, the film is an entertaining survey of the many ways we humans imprint the material world with our sincerest hopes and daffiest delusions."

Toronto globe and mail



There is no other film like MANA?beyond belief at the SXSW [South by Southwest] Festival. The subject of this fascinating, often mesmerizing film defies explanation as much as it revels in all its iterations. Whether viewers translate mana as spirit, duende, soul, the Christian meaning of grace, or something else, this rendering remains a challenging, iconoclastic film that will enchant.

Austin Chronicle, Texas



"Intriguingly deadpan"

Village Voice, New York



"Mana - Beyond Belief: Filmmakers Peter Friedman and Roger Manley look at an array of situations and objects that, in the minds of various people or groups, possess power. Friedman and Manley's juxtaposition of portraits of people and objects had moviegoers buzzing about the meanings and importance reflected in this collection."

INDIEWIRE (at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam)



"A big rock covered with gold leaves, lying on the edge of a mountainside. A blossoming cherry tree illuminated against the dark sky. A close-up piece of red, marbled, tuna fish. Three of the many magnificent images in MANA--Beyond Belief. The film was shot in high definition video and the visual quality does justice to the medium in this visually appealing work. . .the film is indeed a visual treat and a feel-good experience. . .the kind of viewing mode where one leans back and simply enjoys."

DOX, The European Documentary Magazine


"The film Mana - beyond belief is a poetic and original documentary about the importance that we add to things by our own thoughts and ideas. A balm for anyone who gets annoyed by the superficial..."

Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden


For an interview with Peter Friedman in India's national daily newspaper see


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